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Richmond Beekeepers Association in North Yorkshire
Richmond and District Beekeepers' Association, North Yorkshire




Annual Honey Show



RBDKA Events & Meetings | Calendar

Summer meetings

Summer meetings are usually held at member's apiaries on a changing basis. It is generally necessary to wear a veil at least as these events are mainly practical demonstrations with active honeybee colonies.


  • Mon 16 April - Tony Serjeant YDNP Senior Wildlife Conservation Officer, 'Bees, beetles & bugs - insect pollinators keeping the Dales special'
  • Sat 19 May - Keith Bartlem at his Floodbridge apiary
  • Sun 3 June - Bee Safari Adrian Wilford
  • Sun 1 July
  • Sat 1 Sept - Visit to White Rose Candles, Wensley & pub
  • Mon 15 Oct - Honey Show, Richmond Cricket Club
  • Mon 12 Nov - AGM The observation hive and honeybee photography
  • Mon Dec 3 - Honey & the law - workshop with microscopy - various members


  • Mon 7 Jan - Ian Glastonbury - top bar hives
  • Mon 4 Feb - Louisa & Michael Ells - Our first year
  • Mon 4 March - Gerry Collins ‘Selection & queen rearing for the hobbiest beekeeper’
  • Mon 1 April - Mike Samworth ‘Using microscopes for beekeepers’

Winter meetings

Winter meetings are held at 7.30pm in Richmond Golf Club, Bend Hagg, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 5EX, unless stated otherwise.

Speakers are a mix of outside people and our own members, covering a wide range of topics.

Details of meetings and events can be found in the RDBKA calendar below. Click an event for more information. Note: For best results on Mobile phones you will need to rotate the phone to Landscape mode and refresh the page as required.