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At this time, we will continue to have our winter meetings at Richmond Yorks Golf Club but please be aware that some of our meetings will be via Zoom if the speaker has to travel a distance or if circumstances dictate otherwise. Information and reminders will be sent before each meeting as usual.

Please continue to stay safe and well.

Winter Meetings - 2021

Monday 6th December2021:  7.30pm                                   

Venue:   Zoom Meeting 
Speaker:   Dr Julia Hoggard
Topic:   Bee Stings

"Bee Stings" will cover:   Bees in Warfare;  History of protective beekeeping clothing; Anatomy and physiology of the bee sting;  How to handle bees to reduce the risk of stinging;  Management of someone who has been stung;  Sensible precautions at apiary meetings and visits.

The Zoom link and details will be sent to members nearer the time.  Unfortunately we won't be able to enjoy having a mince pie in a physical meeting but we could still raise a glass and have a mince pie with each other at the end of the meeting. Hope you can join us.


Monday 10th January 2022: 7.30pm  

Venue:   Richmond Yorks Golf Club
Speaker:   Shirley Bond
Topic:   From Comb to Candle

Shirley will bring some of the kit she uses to extract wax from combs so that you can have a good look at it and also tell you how it works.  

There will be a practical demonstration of a simple method of filtering wax and this will be used to make poured candles.   Shirley will also demonstrate how to finish the candles suitable for show or sale.                         


Monday 7th February 2022: 7.30pm

Zoom Monthly Meeting
Speaker:   Dan Basterfield
Topic:   Pests and Diseases

Dan spoke to us last April, when he talked about "The Season Ahead".  This time he is going to speak on Pests and Diseases.   This is a zoom meeting again, primarily because of the season and the problem of speakers and members travelling in winter when no one knows what the weather will be.

You will be sent a reminder and Zoom link nearer the time.   Hope you can join us.


Monday 7th March 2022:  7.30pm

Venue:   Richmond Yorks Golf Club
Speaker:   Gerry Collins
Topic:   "Reading the Combs including Clues Inside and Outside the Hive"

Gerry's original talk in 2010, "Reading the Combs", has much expanded to include clues from inside and outside the hive.   Its a very visual talk with lots of photo's and video-clips.   It's a very popular talk containing something for everyone, so hopefully you'll find something in it for you too.


Monday 4th April 2022:  7.30pm:  TBC

An update will come asap.


Details of meetings and events can be found in the RDBKA calendar below. Click an event for more information. Note: For best results on Mobile phones you will need to rotate the phone to Landscape mode and refresh the page as required.